Window Wizard 
    The tool that makes installing or changing window treatments easy.

Step 1. Place the Window Wizard in a upper corner of your window with the alignment feature pressed firmly inside the window lintel horizontally and make sure the template portion of the Window Wizard is also pressed firmly against the wall.

Step 2. Select a hole in the Window Wizard to use to mark what will be where the top or bottom screw holding the curtain rod bracket will be and make your mark. Make sure to remember the number by the hole you selected.

Step 3. Go to the opposite side of the window and repeat the previous actions using the same numbered hole you used on the first side.

Step 4. Drill a hole of the appropriate size for either a screw, or an anchor for a screw if needed. For example, drywall with no wooden stud behind it. I recommend driving a nail through the drywall first to see if there is a stud there to fasten to.

Step 5. Install a screw to hold the top of the bracket, but not too tightly. Using the curtain rod bracket as a template for the top or bottom screw, make sure the bracket is properly vertical and use the top or bottom bracket hole to make another mark.

Step 6. Move the top or bottom of the bracket aside and repeat the process detailed in Step 4, and then move the bracket back into its proper vertical position and install the screw snugly and then tighten the other bracket screw snugly also.

Step 7. Place your window treatment on your curtain rod, then put the rod into your professionally installed curtain rod brackets and enjoy.

The drywall anchors shown below are my favorite type to use if there isn't a stud available to put a screw into. The anchors that usually come with a curtain rod purchase aren't the best.